• Etheross Music

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    Found while clicking around the RubyWarrior Site:

    Didnt know what it was, cant stop clicking ‘play next’.

  • 3d Studio Max 2014 – From Sphere To Head

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    renderPuppet01renderPuppet02renderPuppet03 renderPuppet04 renderPuppet05 renderPuppet06 renderPuppet07

  • Starting Android App Development

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    Finally installed the Android SDK today to root my new 4.0 Tablet.
    Everyone I talk to wants me to make them apps. I guess I will start now.

  • Bachelors Degree Game and Simulation Programming DEVRY SAN DIEGO (PROGRESS)

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    Classes taken so far and grades:

    Fall 2009
    COMP100 Computer Applications for Business with Lab
    -Credits: 2 Grade: B
    ENGL112 Composition
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A

    Spring 2010
    CIS115 Logic and Design
    -Credits: 3 Grade: A
    CIS170C Programming with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    COLL148 Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
    -Credits: 3 Grade: A
    ENGL135 Advanced Composition
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A

    Summer 2010
    GSP110 Introduction to Game and Simulation Development
    -Credits: 3 Grade: A
    MATH032 Introduction to Algebra
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    MATH092 Basic Algebra
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    SPCH277 Interpersonal Communication
    -Credits: 3 Grade: B

    Fall 2010
    GSP130 System Architecture and Assembler with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    GSP240 Practical Game Design with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    HUMN420 Contemporary Literature
    -Credits: 3 Grade: B
    MATH104 Algebra for College Students
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A

    Spring 2011
    CIS246 Connectivity with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    CIS247C Object-Oriented Programming with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    GSP295 Advanced Data Structures with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A

    Summer 2011
    GSP261 Introduction to Computer Graphics Modeling and Programming with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: B
    MATH190 Pre-Calculus
    -Credits: 4 Grade: B
    MATH233 Discrete Mathematics
    -Credits: 3 Grade: B
    PHYS216 Physics with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A

    Fall 2011
    GSP281 Simulation Design and Programming with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    GSP340 Modification and Level Design with Lab
    -Credits: 4 Grade: A
    SOCS185 Culture and Society
    -Credits: 3 Grade: B

    Spring 2012
    ENGL227 – Professional Writing
    -Credits: 4 Grade: In Progress
    ECON312 – Principles of Economics
    -Credits: 3 Grade: In Progress
    HUMN410 – Contemporary History
    -Credits: 3 Grade: In Progress
    GSP111 – Introduction to Game and Simulation Programming (AGAIN??)
    -Credits: 4 Grade: In Progress

    Classes I still need to take:
    HUMN432 – Technology, Society, and Culture
    SOCS335 – Workplace Culture and Communication
    CARD405 – Career Development
    MGMT404 – Project Management
    GSP221 – Math Programming for Games
    GSP321 – Physics Engine Development
    GSP410 – Software Engineering for Game Programming with Lab
    GSP315 – Artificial Intelligence for Games and Simulations with Lab
    GSP381 – Computer Graphics Programming I with Lab
    GSP390 – Computer Graphics Programming II with Lab
    GSP420 – Game Engine Design and Integration with Lab
    GSP465 – Multiplayer Networking with Lab
    GSP470 – Multiplayer Online Game Programming with Lab (same as above?)
    GSP475 – Emerging Technologies
    GSP480 – Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Game and Simulation Design
    GSP361 – Applied Development Project I
    GSP494 – Senior Project I


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    I meant to record this in the first video, but I thought it ran too slowly when capturing, just figured out I merely needed to re-encode the UDK movie capture. Here you can see as each Pawn dies, it spawns a replacement so it goes on forever (or until they find the edge of this cube(THEY WILL)).

    The ai is still very stupid, less than stupid, it simply chooses a random place, if it can see it, it goes there, if not, it chooses again. The result is there is ZERO determination to their actions. I’m about to give him some BOXING animations and maybe model up a Boxing Ring. Yes I think that will be next, then I will make BoxingPawnAI and give him a real brain (at least enough to throw down).